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Technology could be much more that just interesting
/Nerea de la Riva Iriepa

Lördag 28 maj 13.15-13.45, Eventrummet

Nerea kommer hålla sin dragning på engelska / Nerea will do her talk in English

What will you talk about at Geek Girl Meetup?
– What can make girls more interested in technology?
– How can we encourage equality in education?
– Why toys affect here?
– What I find in robotics competition?
– How I demonstrated that we all can, gender does not matter
– Why are not men involve (most of the cases) helping women to create an equality environment in tech areas?

What do you do when you’re not speaking at Geek Girl Meetup?
– I am working at Arduino in Malmo, Sweden. I am Technical and organizer member at RoboCupJunior Soccer international competition. Sometimes I teach robotics to childrens, I prepare simple workshops. I travel a lot around the world to participate in events and conferences.

Tell us a little bit about you and your background:
– I am a hardware engineer, but what I love is robots, I work with robots since I was a child, I started when I was 10. I am a robotics teacher since 7 years ago and I love to work with open source technology. That’s why I work at Arduino, I am part of education team at the Malmo office and what we develop is content to teach a lot of thing using technology. Moreover I am a competitive person, I started to compete with my soccer robots in 2006 at international level. After some years, I got four first prices that are really important for me. Right now I work at this competition as a volunteer in several committees.

What’s your ”geek interest”?
– I am interest in open source hardware and software, Robots and biotechnology.